Everyday Home Safety Advice From Experts

Guardnow shares a few actionable, thought-provoking insights on home invasion preparedness.

  • Remember that criminals don’t want to be seen, and they don’t want to attract any attention. Light up your house, yard and driveway. Always keep your doors and windows locked, so they can’t slip in without effort.
  • Security cameras by themselves are good, but in the case of a home invasion, they’re only good for the police department. Once a break-in is underway, the footage might help the police catch the perpetrator, but the cameras weren’t enough to stop the crime in the first place.
  • Many people say that gun ownership is the best protection “but a gun isn’t any good if you don’t know how to use it.” Even if you can proficiently handle a firearm, you still need to mentally prepare for how you will handle a break-in. You’ll need to prevent the intruder from taking the firearm, for example.
  • Remember that the property in your house can be replaced, but life can’t. Do not put yourself in harm’s way to protect objects, however valuable they are.

Apply this information into your home security and family safety plans. For example, use motion detector lights to keep your property well lit. Choose a 24/7 monitored home security system as the one provided by guardnow security group so that an alarm will sound if the home is breached, and more importantly, a trained professional will call 911 if you are unable to do so. If you do have a security system, test the siren and/or check the panic alarm so that you can count on it during an emergency.

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