We Are Hiring!

We are hiring new security guards with the following qualifications:

 1.Should be physically fit
 2.Can run and walk fast
 3.Standard height with min. 5′6″
 4.Form four leaver (min D+)
 5.Pass identity and criminal record check
 6.Good communication skills


Added advantage if:

  1. Have worked for another security company

  2.Have passed through NYS

Email cv to: info@guardnowsecurity.co.ke



  • Patrolling the building perimeter and premises.
  • Noting the entry and exit of employees, visitors, and other individuals.
  • Directing visitors to reception and logging their entry to the premises.
  • Monitoring our video surveillance system and reviewing footage if necessary
  • Responding to alarms and calls of security concern.
  • Keeping daily logs of activities and any issues addressed.
  • Answering phones and responding to other inquiries at the security desk.
  • Alerting authorities if needed for emergencies or security breaches
  • Addressing any infractions of building rules and/or forwarding them to the appropriate level of management.
  • Inspecting, testing, and maintaining our security systems, as well as calling for maintenance as needed.