Our Security Policy

The security and protection of The GuardNow Group’s customers, staff, properties and its facilities are fundamental operational priorities of every employee. Employees are encouraged to be aware of situations that may threaten the company and endanger the normal operations of the GuardNow Group.

To ensure effective implementation of the provisions in the GuardNow Group’s Security Programme, GuardNow Group Security will apply a risk-based approach to its security measures. This approach will ensure that security measures are commensurate to the levels of risk and threat applicable to the organisation. It will also ensure that company management is able to respond, from a security perspective, to changes in the organisation’s structure, nature and scale of operations.

Furthermore, GuardNow Group Security is committed to the continual improvement of established processes and overall performance through the use of the GuardNow Group’s Security Management System, and through ongoing training of staff with measurable quality objectives.

The organisation shall also strive to attain international industry certification by maintaining the highest international standards and best practices.

In the development of GuardNow Group Security’s operational objectives, targets and programmes, company management shall consider these principles and other aspects of the organisation’s security policy to ensure continual relevance to the organisation.

The GuardNow Group’s Security Policy is based on the following principles:


The safeguarding of GuardNow’ operations against acts of unlawful interference through the implementation of security controls and measures that are compliant with the applicable national / international standards and regulations, while facilitating the objectives of GuardNow and its stakeholders.



The promotion of security awareness, the coordination and execution of security training, education and the resultant establishment of a security culture.


The maintenance of a reporting system that ensures losses, theft, disappearance, damage, burglary, robbery, acts of unlawful interference etc. affecting GuardNow property or operations are reported immediately to Group Security for investigation and corrective action.


The protection and proper dissemination of threat information to “need-to-know” personnel including government and law enforcement entities, as and when required.



Periodic review of the Policy and to ensure the provision of necessary resources for its successful implementation.